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    We fly safe

    We put safety at the forefront. Our drone has one of the best Vision System on the market, being equipped with sensors on all sides, anticipating danger from a distance of 10 meters, being able to bypass the obstacles and give us a safe flight.

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    We have the best equipment

    We have the best equipment on the market, our drones will make quality photos of 20mp and beautiful 4k videos at 120fps. Using a good connection can even do a High-Definition Live Streaming from your place or can surprise a beautiful 360° panorama.

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    Talented drone pilots

    Our drone pilots are talented, dedicated and perfectionists, with a special interest in aerial video production.

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    Longer fly time

    Our drone has the best fly time on the market, staying up for 30 minutes, so we can catch the best aerial videos. Battery charging time is relatively fast so we can get back in the air several times a day.

Drone in air
Drone in air remote